Maps, compositions of image (raster) data and vector data available in internet browsers. All you need to do is type the internet address and browse your own, earlier created, maps and share them with others. The “Map” module allows you to publish suitably prepared and visualised spatial data. An intuitive interface and available tools make the map browsing easier for every internet user, without installing any additional software.


Publishing maps online require a prior preparation. It starts with uploading the spatial data – image (raster) and vector data – to the system, directly from your computer’s hard drive.
The “Studio” module allows you to quickly copy the spatial data into the system without any special preparation and then process them in order to obtain a map ready for being published online.


Creating a map which includes vector data requires editing. During the editing of the vector data, already uploaded to the WeMapo system, the map gets the right look and obtains other features necessary in order to publish the map online. The “Editor” module includes basic editing tools for vector data in the form of points, lines and polygons what allows you to give the map an expectable look.