Pricing plans

Choose the right WeMapo plan for yourself

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Present your smart map on the Internet!

Three packages tailored specifically for you!
99zł nettomonthly / user account
  • Standard

  • Choose the Standard plan if you are just starting your adventure with orthophotomaps.
    •   1 map
    • 5GB tiles
      (4.5 GB bitmap, 0.5 GB vectors)
    • 1 map foundations to choose from
499zł nettomonthly / user account
  • The most popular
  • Optimum

  • Choose the Optimal plan if you run a business.
      •   5 map
      • 10GB tiles
        (9 GB bitmap, 1 GB vectors)
      • 3 map foundations to choose from
      • access to the latest tools
#individual offer.
  • Business

  • Select the Business plan if you have more needs.
      •   above 5 maps
      • above 10GB
      • 4 map foundations to choose from
      •  access to the latest tools
      •  the possibility of personalizing the application

In each package:

  • Access to applications and data from any device with an up-to-date web browser that supports WebGL technology
  • Encrypted access control
  • The ability to add data yourself by the user on the principle of “drag and drop”
  • GeoTIFF raster support (data before tiling) and Raster Tile (pre-tiled)
  • Support for vector data Shapefile and GeoJSON, the ability to display attributes
  • Tools for point, line and surface measurements and operations on layers (order, transparency, descriptions)
  • Data management panel (studio), style editor, legend editor
  • Advanced data sharing tools: links, embedding on the web, social media, QR code
  • Technical assistance

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